As plant parents, it’s hard to imagine not visiting the garden center every weekend - or every day. However, the more plants we get, the more cluttered our homes are going to feel. In other words, is your indoor jungle turning your house into an actual jungle?

If so, hanging plants may be a good option! Not only does this draw your eyes up, but will add intentional design elements to your home.

Read on to see how! 

Locating where to place a hanging planter

Japandi home

This is easier said than done. Firstly, this may be harder for renters, so make sure to check with your landlord to see if it is alright to drill multiple holes into the ceiling. If you choose to use a macrame to hang your planter, check the pot's weight to make sure your ceiling can support it. You may also consider styling choices. Perhaps adding a new plant to a hanging planter will still overwhelm your space, hanging an old plant may be enough. Make sure to check for electrical cables before drilling too! This leads to my next point:

Equipment for the hanging planter

DIY hanging planter

For installing hanging planters, you will need:

  • a cup hook
  • screw
  • spring toggle
  • washer, drill
  • drill pieces.
Some toggles can hang up to 10kg, so check their labels. For both practical and stylistic choices, drilling too close to the wall may not be wise. Not only will your planter hit the walls, but the foliage may not grow as full.

Choosing your hanging planter

choosing different hanging planters

Now that you have your hooks on, you can play around with various hanging planters. Map out your space and decide which corner (stylistically) would do best with a hanging planter. Corners are suggested because, with hanging foliage, it may be a little overwhelming for your space, but if your space works out, by all means. Consider what colours exist in your current space, if your space is maximalist, perhaps a thick macrame hanging planter may not be ideal as it will not stand out as much. With that said, it really comes down to what value you want that planter to add. Check out this article for a how-to for styling. A stone-coloured planter can be ideal for both maximalist and minimalist interior design choices. There are many shades of stone to pick from, check out some of these hanging planters. However, if colour experimentation is a little daunting, the chances of stone and greys matching your space are high. It is also a step up from black and white decor.

Choosing indoor hanging plants

indoor plant in hanging planter

After nailing down your hanging planter choice, it’s time to head back to the garden centres and pick your plants! The best part, in my opinion. Some of my favourites are pothos, string of bananas, and string of pearls. There is no rule, however, that your hanging planter must only carry hanging plants. Some plants with larger foliage like flax lilies, hoyas, and other succulents can also look great! The best part is, it’s all up to you!

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