“Plant therapy” is more than just a term we throw around for having houseplants.  In fact, there are numerous proven benefits plants have on our well-being. They are inarguably our connection to nature and their healing powers impact us physically and emotionally. Let's explore how plants have become a quintessential part of modern living.

1. The aesthetics

Adding plants can instantly make any space look more lively and welcoming. The dark glossy leaves of ZZ plants make bare room with white walls feel more inviting. Widespanning plants like fiddle leaf fig can make an eye-catching focal point in the room. Bigger plants strategically placed can hide imperfections like cracks and dents on the walls. The height and placement of your houseplants can also make the room feel bigger or taller. Placing vining plants such as pothos in certain areas can also draw attention upward, highlighting the verticle space.  There are so many varieties to explore that best suit your taste. Choose them well with watering needs that best suit your lifestyle.

2. Plants have air-purifying properties. 

As NASA reported, certain plants have incredible abilities to remove pollutants and toxins in the air. We’re constantly exposed to harmful chemicals that are mixed in with everyday household products.  Long-term accumulation often leads to respiratory and other health problems. Houseplants are a cost-effective and natural alternative than purchasing an air purifier. They give off oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels, helping you breathe easier while you work or rest.

3. Plants give us calm energy. 

Your indoor garden can be a haven from the outside concrete world. Undoubtedly, It is the closest way for us to get in touch with nature without going outside.  Surrounding yourself with plants makes you feel more relaxed and less boxed in.  Studies show a green space may have a positive impact on your mental health.  Having houseplants could reduce anxiety, boost creativity, enhance focus, and improve your overall mood. For this reason, offices and workplaces are including more plants in their interior as they add more tranquil ambiance for clients and employees.  

4. Plant care is self-care. 

The ritual of watering, pruning, and fertilizing plants is therapeutic. Taking some time to care for your plant allows for a pause. It enables us to just be present at the moment. Therefore, we should take the time to enjoy the process. As you tend to the plants, remember to also be attentive to your own physical and mental needs.  It’s all about transferring positive energy between one well-being to the next. 

5. Plants love you back.

Plants need love and care just like all living beings do. They need water, sunshine, and oxygen just like we do. They’re also a better communicator than we give them credit for.  When they’re happy, they show us how they feel by presenting to us luscious leaves or beautiful blooms. Alternatively, when we don’t treat them right, they droop, dry out, or turn yellow.  At times, we make errors that result in some unfortunate plants dying. But when a plant baby matures into a magnificent plant, it feels so rewarding. It is also a reflection that we are responsible and well capable of caring for something. The success of growing plants perhaps will inspire confidence for even more accomplishments.    

6. Plants help with healing.  

Plants help us find clarity and awareness of the true nature of life. They experience growth and struggles at times as people do. Nevertheless, they have the ability to adapt to changing environments and seasons. Some plants like succulents deserve respect. They could be neglected, covered in pests, and have all their stems and parts removed. Yet, their resilience is unparalleled. They’re able to grow back into a whole new plant plus more. Despite adversities, the little plant inspires us to overcome the odds. When it comes to dealing with traumas or losses, we also heal even if it may take some time. We must learn to persevere and adapt to life’s ups and downs. Time is precious and fleeting. Therefore, it is up to us to use our limited time meaningfully and to live with purpose and intent.  

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