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Kanso (簡素) refers to the simplicity or elimination of clutter. It is an expression in a plain, simple, and natural manner.

We noticed this philosophy lead back to being purposeful and intentional with our actions. The more mindful we were about the things we bought, the relationships we formed, the more meaningful experiences became.

Whether it’s the idea of turning waste into resource or simple visual elegance, Kanso Designs strives to cultivate more meaningful spaces for our customers and our community.

+67k Customers &
1k Retail Stores

Our guiding principles are to 
embrace tradition and purpose 
from production to delivery.

49k Tonnes of Plastic

Est. recycled & reused since 2020. We have diverted 1.8+ million plastic bottles from landfills.

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28k Tonnes of Waste

Est. agricultural waste migrated through upcycling bamboo fibre, wheat, coffee, nut and rice husk.

Benefits of
Kanso Planters

  • Modern Design

    Natural textures and modern clean silhouettes that fit seamlessly into any space.
  • Fast Delivery

    Shipping from our Canadian warehouse quickly arrives within 7-10 business days.
  • Sustainable Materials

    We take unwanted natural and agricultural byproducts, and transform them into products with a functional purpose.
  • Light & Durable

    Made with agricultural byproducts & our patented mix of recycled materials to create durable, lightweight & porous plant pots.

Coffee Bean Husk - During the coffee bean hulling process, the fruits are de-seeded and dried, resulting in a strong husk.

Bamboo Fibre - Bamboo is an extremely renewable resource, as it grows much faster than trees, doesn't need pesticides, and doesn't need to be replanted.

Rice husks - are abundant and are a readily available biomass resource that can be used for insulation, fuel, building materials, and fertilizer.

Waste to


Wheat Husk - is the protective cover around the grain & is mostly ploued into the soil or burned.

Coco Colr - is a natural byproduct of coconut harvesting and is a sustainable alternative to peat moss.

Signature Stone Plastics - Post-consumer recycled plastics account for 70% of these pots as well as stone & wood powder to elevate its textures. 


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 What People Say?

We sell a curated selection of planters and many manufacturers do not offer matching saucers, so we're always on the hunt for beautiful, high quality, yet minimally timeless saucers. Kanso has hit that mark. My only wish is that they restock their 15" and maybe even offer more diameters someday. Super quick fulfillment time. Ordering again now that I know the quality is superior.


The Plant House - Ferndale, MI

Just received our first order today and we are so impressed! The quality of the products has well exceeded our expectations and love how eco-minded everything is from the making of the items to the packaging. Will keep these in the shop as staples!


Living Room Plant Co. - Pacifica, CA

Kanso’s planters check all of the boxes: they’re eco-friendly, come in at a great price point, always have drainage holes, and are super durable. My customers really appreciate that they look like concrete / ceramic pots, but are lightweight and less breakable.


Ritualist - New Paltz, NY

Great Experience! This is our second shipment and we just love carrying the product in our store! This is our second shipment and we just love carrying the product in our store!


Grow Up Planting - Willoughby, OH

Cute & high sell through These pots are a great price point, and perfect for the 2” plants I carry in my store. The packaging is done well & these sell quickly with customers often purchasing 3-5 at a time. These pots are a great price point, and perfect for the 2” plants I carry in my store. The packaging is done well & these sell quickly with customers often purchasing 3-5 at a time.


Cactus + Co - Camano Island, WA

Kanso Designs is the BEST Kanso Designs is my best selling pot. The price point is good and my customers love them. Kanso Designs is my best selling pot. The price point is good and my customers love them.


BotaniGal - Westminster, MD

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Frequently Ask Questions

When will I receive my order?

We strive to process all orders as quickly and carefully as possible. If we are experiencing higher than volume orders we will notify you as soon as possible. Orders are usually processed & shipped out every 2-3 business days.

Public Holidays/New Releases/Sales Days/Restocks are all subject to potential processing delays due to large quantities of orders. Although it is rare, slight delays may also occur due to customs inspections.

Estimated shipping times are as follows: 

USA: 6-8 Business Days
CAN: 4-6 Business Days

Regular Plastics Vs Kanso Plastics

Kanso Plastics - Post-consumer recycled plastics and upcycled agricultural products account for 60-70% of our pots and we also add a small portion of stone & wood powder to mix it altogether in our Signature Stone Series.

(Global Recycled Standard Certified 08.29.2022)

  • More porous
  • Integrated Natural Textures
  • Feels like ceramics & slightly heavier in weight
  • Utilize post-consumer recycled plastics

Do you provide bulk pricing off of FAIRE?

Through, customers can enjoy various benefits such as 1 year of free shipping, free replacements, and net 60 payment terms. Additionally, we offer more competitive pricing, free replacements, and net 30 payment terms. (email to learn more)

Do you offer price breaks?

Yes, we offer a variety of price breaks and bundles according to your order size. (email to learn more)

Do you do custom styles & colors?

In addition to the available styles, we also offer tailor-made designs and color options that can seamlessly integrate with your product line. Our process begins by creating a 3D mold that is customized to your specific dimensions and then precisely crafted at our factories. The mold can be manufactured in any size, even up to a diameter of 65 inches.

Where are your materials sourced from?

Asia leads the world in the production of plastic waste as well as the mismanagement of plastic waste material. East Asia and Pacific regions account for over 60% of the mismanagement of plastic waste material. We have decided to go to the root of the problem and source our recycled plastics from Asia and use it as a material in our products. Asia has built a sufficient waste management infrastructure to handle recycled wastes and turn them into resources for our pots. Currently, this is not accessible or sustainable in continents like Europe and North America. We would like to utilize their infrastructure to create a more circular economy that one day we could bring to North America.

Check out our blog  here to learn more

Are Kanso pots recyclable?

Yes they are! Please check with your municipality to find out how to recycle hard PE plastics, as the regulations vary by location. In Canada, it is under the blue bin plastic #2 high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Are Kanso pots weatherproof or frostproof?

Only our Signature Stone Series is weatherproof & frostproof. They can be used outdoor normally from -50 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. Our natural upcycled planters can only be used indoors.
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