Kanso (簡素) refers to the simplicity or elimination of clutter. It is an expression in a plain, simple, and natural manner. It is a mindset that has been adopted and cultivated from our time living in Japan.

Spending over five years in Japan, we noticed this philosophy lead back to being purposeful and intentional with our actions. The more mindful we were about the things we bought, the relationships we formed, the more meaningful experiences became.

Three years in the making — The Kanso Collection is rooted in history and purpose. Whether it’s the idea of turning waste into resource or simple visual elegance, Kanso Designs strives to cultivate more meaningful spaces for our customers and our community.


Each piece has been designed to encourage others to not only think in terms of decoration but in terms of purpose and intent.

This idea extends to how we repurpose agricultural byproducts and recycled plastics to manufacture our pots. Using byproducts such as coffee bean husk, bamboo fibre, wheat husk and recycled plastics, we are able to transform useless and unwanted materials into products with a functional purpose.

We mix these with resin that is free of toxic chemicals such as phenol and formaldehyde to create our durable pots. With this process we are able to extract raw materials from production streams and reduce the need for new resources.

By finding sustainable methods to reuse waste materials we can also contribute to creating a more circular economy. In doing so, create new jobs and opportunities while remedying the environmental devastation caused by these harmful materials.


We know that operating a business is not always 100% sustainable. With that being said, we are constantly making an effort to be a responsible brand and working steadily to change our practices to do more good than harm.

Current Initiatives

Partnered with Carbonzero to neutralize the carbon emissions generated from our product shipping and packaging.

Annually track the greenhouse gas emissions generated from each and every shipment that customers receive.

Supporting Canadian-based carbon offsets to mitigate associated emissions.

Use recycled and biodegradable packaging like our starch-based peanuts that can be dissolved in water.

Future Initiatives

Collaborate with more local suppliers to lower greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

Improve the transparency of our operations and manufacturing processes through detailed reports and content.

Increased local community involvement to raise awareness for the importance of environmental accountability.

Work together with local recycling programs to create better systems to recycle plastic and develop a more circular economy.

Thank You

We appreciate you taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions on how we can improve let us know. We want to know your thoughts!