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We offer flat rate local shipping for orders over $75 CAD, and free local shipping for orders over $150 CAD. These shipping options will show up at checkout if you are within the local radius.

When will my package be delivered?

We strive to process all orders as quickly and carefully as possible. If we are experiencing higher than volume orders we will notify you as soon as possible. Orders are usually processed & shipped out every 1-3 business days.

Public Holidays/New Releases/Sales Days/Restocks are all subject to potential processing delays due to large quantities of orders. Although it is rare, slight delays may also occur due to customs inspections.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Estimated shipping times are as follows: 

North America: 5-8 Business Days 

Europe & Oceania: 12-24 Business Days

How do I get my tracking number?

You will only receive a tracking number if you've selected the shipping option which includes tracking. Once your order is fulfilled, your tracking number will be emailed to you. 

If you have provided us with your phone number, your tracking code will also be sent via SMS.

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your order to be updated on the tracking link.

Do international customers have to pay customs and taxes?

All import duties/fees vary depending on your country's bylaws and where you receive your package. We are required by law to provide an invoice of all the items you have purchased. We are not responsible for any customs charges/taxes/duties that you may have to pay.

Can you send packages to public lockers or locations? 

We can't send packages to public places such as restaurants, public lockers, or public facilities but we do send to private PO boxes.

What if my product is damaged or defective?

If the product you purchased is damaged, please contact us within 10 days of receiving your package at (Include your full name, phone number and order number) to receive a full refund.

Do you offer returns?

All sales are final so please double check that you have selected the correct size and style of your planter. Also make sure your shipping address has been filled in correctly.

I just placed an order can I cancel or make changes to it?

We will be able to cancel or change an order only if our shipping team hasn't packed your item. Please make sure to email us as soon as possible with your order details if you'd like to make changes to it.

Wholesale Information

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes we do. Please email us a short description of your company and we will be happy to provide you with additional information about our wholesale pricing.


Do you offer discounts and promotions?

To sign up for exclusive offers and discount codes please subscribe to our email list. You can subscribe to our list at the bottom of our home page.

What payment methods are available?

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All default payments are charged in USD. There is also a currency changer to switch to CAD at the bottom right corner of the page.

How can I make changes to my order once it’s been placed?

Please email our shipping team if you have any questions about your order or need to make any changes.


Where do I go for all product care information?

Please visit our product care page here:

Product Care Guide

What are Kanso pots made from?

Our desire is to reduce the production of waste by utilizing recycled plastics and agricultural byproducts to create our products. Our planet has many resources we are not utilizing including all the waste we produce. Collectively, we must find a way to reduce the volume of plastic waste, not only through the efficient use of resources but also by developing innovative methods to upcycle and reuse waste materials.

The materials we use in our pots come from a mixture of recycled plastics and agricultural byproducts that farmers would have thrown out. These are combined with materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastics into a biodegradable composite material that can also be recycled. 

Where are Kanso pots produced?

Asia leads the world in the production of plastic waste as well as the mismanagement of plastic waste material. East Asia and Pacific regions account for over 60% of the mismanagement of plastic waste material.

We have decided to go to the root of the problem and source our recycled plastics from Asia and use it as a material in our products.

Asia has built a sufficient waste management infrastructure to handle recycled wastes and turn them into resources for our pots.

Currently, this is not accessible or sustainable in continents like Europe and North America.

We would like to utilize their infrastructure to create a more circular economy that one day we could bring to North America. 

Do all Kanso pots have a rubber plug in the bottom?

Our Signature Stone Series has a drainage hole and a rubber plug in the bottom. All our pots beside the vases have a drainage hole.

Do I need a saucer with the pot?

When you have a Kanso pot with a rubber plug in the bottom and you’re planning on using your flower pot for indoor use, we advise using a saucer with your flower pot.

Although our pots are close to 100% leakproof, we can’t guarantee that absolutely no water will seep through and potentially damage up your lovely carpet, laptop or wooden floor. So, for indoor use it’s best to use a saucer.

Are Kanso pots recyclable?

Of course they are! Check with your municipality to find out how to recycle hard PE plastics, as the regulations vary by location. In Canada, it is under the blue bin plastic #2 high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Post-consumer recycled plastics account for 70% of our pots and we also add a small portion of stone & wood powder to mix it altogether. (Global Recycled Standard Certified 08.29.2022)

With this process, we have completely changed the nature of plastic into a mix of composite materials.

Are Kanso pots 100% waterproof? 

Only our vases are waterproof. Although our planters with a rubber plug are close to being leakproof, water could still seep out.

We advise to always use a saucer when your pot has a rubber plug in it.

Are Kanso pots frostproof and weatherproof? 

Only our Signature Stone Series is weatherproof. They can be used outdoor normally from -50 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.