On Earth Day 2022, we asked our followers what practices they were implementing on Earth Day and beyond. We were so happy with all the responses! We feel so grateful to be part of this community. As a token of our gratitude, we wanted to respond to a select few that stood out to us beyond the giveaway. 

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Stop using peat moss

stop using peat moss

Peat can break down too fast, disturbing the air in the soil, which is not healthy for our plants’ roots. Harvesting peat may also disturb the bog’s ecosystem. While this has been a common material for horticulturists, another alternative that many people are switching to is coco coir which is available in many garden centers. We love the commitment of adding to your plant family too! Nursery pots are definitely not attractive, but reusing them for the benefits of their drainage holes for other plants is a great way to decrease waste.


Shopping seasonal and local food

Shop local and seasonal produce

Not only does this practice decrease our carbon footprint, but it also supports a lot of your local agricultural workers! The food will be delicious too. One way to support this practice is by looking into Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA brings the consumers closer to the producers. Participants can subscribe to certain farmers, and receive fresh seasonal produce this way. It is an amazing way to support local farmers.


Supporting small businesses

supporting small businesses

Similar to shopping seasonal and local, supporting local and small businesses has a huge impact! Not only are you putting your voting power as a consumer to practice, but you’re also supporting merchants that are committed to creating the good change that our planet so desperately needs! A good way to determine whether a company is truly sustainable (as opposed to greenwashing) is to see how transparent they are. Perhaps they include behind-the-scenes content, or a CSR report. Smaller businesses may not have a CSR, so check their socials/FAQ, they may share their practices there.


Mindful Consumption

mindful consumption

This is such an important thing to keep in mind. Sometimes, not purchasing is actually the most sustainable choice. Not only are you saving, but you’re considering this product’s cradle to grave. While switching to sustainable brands is a great step, we do want to preface that we understand sustainable practices may be more expensive, and inaccessible to some people. So, only do so if these are options within your ability.

We love the support and changes our community is making. Thank you for sharing with us!

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