One of the best feelings of being a plant parent is - yes when your plants are thriving in your environment. Nothing is better than seeing new growth or thicker foliage, though I digress. The second best feeling is when your plants work with your space. When, rather than looking like an actual indoor jungle, your plants fit perfectly in the space with great lighting and decorative cohesion.

If you’re like me - or frankly anyone on the Kanso Designs team - you will randomly find yourself at a plant store when you’re on your way to a check-up. So, one of the greatest challenges is finding a placement for new plant/s. Especially one that not only makes your roommate happy but fits your personal taste.

Here are 5 stylistic tips and suggestions to consider when adding new plants to your home.

1. Map out your rooms to find the strongest sources of natural light.

space with natural sunlight perfect for plants

Make sure to note where there’s the most natural light. Not only will this help your plant thrive, but it will also add some much-needed lighting to plants with darker foliage. With that said, a south-facing window may be the brightest spot, but some plants prefer indirect sunlight rather than long hours of direct sunlight. Check out this article for some plant parenting tips.

2. Buy the proper potting for your plant.

Colourful plant pots

Your plant’s real estate is another important element. Consider the colour, and texture of different planters. The uniform or contrasting colours can add an extra level of zen to your living space. A slate-coloured stone pot can add texture and visual interest to a room while maintaining a crisp, minimal look. Contrasting light colours can add a touch of coziness into a minimalist home to achieve the Japandi interior aesthetic.

3. Consider what function you want the plant to serve in the layout of the room.

decorating your home with indoor plants

When deciding where to place the plant, you should consider how much you want your eye to be drawn to the area. For example, if you have many plants on your window sill/floor, try adding some height to create visual interest. This will draw your visitors’ eyes up and may also make your space look bigger. Click here for a how-to on styling plants.

4. Choose accessories that match your desired aesthetic.

Using a plant stand

Adding a new plant to your space may look good on the pins you see on your feed, but it may disrupt the balance of your room and unintentionally clash with existing decor. Perhaps, something as simple as moving the plant to the other side of the room will be enough to ensure the room is not overwhelmed. Decors like books, trays, or even plant stands, can help to elevate the flow of the space and add more intent to the design.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Plants in bathroom

At the end of the day, sometimes the best way to figure out where a plant goes is to just spend some time experimenting. A plant can tick all your boxes: the right amount of lighting, cohesive colour design, and matches all your decor, but it still just won’t work. This can be frustrating, especially when you have put the time and energy into plotting the perfect spot. The good news is, you can keep experimenting! A plant will thrive as long as it has its basic needs, so try different placements, and find that one spot that works best for you.

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