When I first started my plant collection, I had your typical Pothos and Succulents. I was so intimidated when venturing into this beautiful world. However, as my love for plants grew, so did my confidence, and thus my collection…

I had so many plants, they had to go on top of my ventilator. Yet, I still drove myself to plant stores and garden centers every week. Enough was enough. I knew my plant collection would never dwindle, so I had to make it work with my home’s design.

Here is where plant styling comes in.

Plant Styling

Whether you call it plant styling or plant interior design, it’s definitely a step towards living in harmony with your plants - and maybe with your roommates too. Styling your plant collection with your already existing furniture and home decor will make your home feel less cluttered. Each plant will look like they were placed there on purpose, rather than from a lack of space.

So, how can you decorate your home with indoor plants?

Grouping plants

Grouping different houseplants together for interior design

You know how we perform better in group exercises classes? The same idea can be applied to houseplants. They grow better together. However, there are many ways to elevate an otherwise dull spot with plants. You may choose to group by colour, height, or even types of plants. For example, different types of Pothos or Ferns will fit together with this uniform look.

However, to step up your interior decorating with plants:

Try contrast. This can be with shapes, texture, and even height. With that said, contrast may require more room. However, you can easily create different heights by placing plants on counters, or even on plant stands.


Using coco coir poles to make plants stand

Height in plant interior design is a crucial element. This will help draw your eyes up, and it will add value to any room in your home, rather than having your plants sit on the floor in a corner. However, big or grown plants are relatively pricey. So utilizing a plant stand can be helpful. Even trailing plants can bring height! You can do this by using a coco coir pole to train the trailing plants to climb instead. Our favourite trailing plants are Pothos and Philodendrons.

Click here to check out our Coco Coir Poles and Adjustable Plant Stands

Hanging/trailing plants

Styling trailing houseplants

If you are able to, hanging plants are a beautiful addition to any space - especially if your ground is already overwhelmed with your plant babies. Check out our selection of hanging planters here. This will again draw your eyes up, but if you’re unable to hang plants in your space, placing plants on plain shelves or drawers allows you to play with the geometry of that space too. I find that thicker foliage usually elevates any average counter or drawer.


Different planter sizes for plant styling

Planters play a huge role in plants for home decor. Playing with the colours, textures, and contrast will again add an elevated design element to your home. This can also be something that is uniform or contrasted. There are so many different planters out there, and it can be overwhelming, so our tried and true method is to find the uniform in the contrast.

Sounds a lot classier than it really is. For example, you may have the same colour scheme but different textures. Or same textures, but a matching colour palette. If this sounds too complicated, earth tones are a great place to start!

Happy plant styling!

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